Who doesn’t love a good burger? These are 10 of the mightiest and meatiest burgers from top burger spots across the island. Serving up some truly mouthwatering burgers, from the classics, to more unique flavour combos. Work your way through this list for the complete burger experience Malta has to offer!

1. Rocco’s Burger, Hugo’s Burger Bar

The best seller at Hugo’s Burger Bar is hands down the Rocco’s Burger!
A double beef patty, tucked in a brioche bun, crispy onions, crispy bacon beneath melted provolone cheese and the sauce of your choice – Jameson sauce or Jack Daniel’s sauce.
Look. At. That. Drip.

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2. The Legit Burger, Novi

Renowned on the island for their indulgent and dee-licious burgers. Novi bring you, The Legit – a perfectly constructed, classic American style bacon cheese burger in a soft golden local brioche bun oozing in NOVI’s house burger sauce.

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3.The Selinho Burger, The Hungry Hippie Bistro

The Selinho Beef Burger consists of a mix of Irish Angus Chuck & Irish Brisket, brie cheese, crispy bacon and a sweet and tangy sauce. Premium ingredients for premium flavour!

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4. Smokey Pancetta Burger, Bianco’s

Bianco’s Smokey Pancetta Burger is 220 grams of homemade beef patty topped with local smoked pancetta, caramelised onions,
mature cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato and a side of roasted garlic aioli (errr… yum) and crunchy fries.

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5. The Italian, Amigos

Say hello to the revamped Amigos Burgers! Showstopping selection of juicy, double-patty mouthfuls. Here’s a look at one of the new entries – THE ITALIAN – with a generous dose of guanciale and prosciutto crudo, topped mozzarella and melted provolone. If there’s a burger to try, this is it!

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6. Buffalo Chicken Burger, Danny’s

Danny’s Buffalo Chicken Burger consists of a sesame seed brioche bun, buttermilk chicken thigh, house chicken seasoning, apple and leek mayo, pickled cabbage, buffalo sauce, spring onions and chive and they’re come with their famous salt and vinegar fries – DROOL!

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7. John’s Burger, D Burgers

The ‘John’s Burger’ is everything you want from a classic burger; 200gram beef patty with Provolone cheese, onion relish, lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins topped with homemade pepper mayo. Comfort in a bun!

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8. Octopus Burger, Sea Salt

Feeling adventurous? Sea Salt serves up something for the fish lovers – bringing you ‘The Octopus Burger’!
Crispy octopus and chorizo served on a bed of mixed-leaf salad topped with a helping of tomato relish and an octopus reduction all packed in a brioche bun. Yes please!
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9. Bacon Cheese Burger, Suzie Q

Picture this: The perfect juicy local aged beef patty, just the right amount of melted American cheese, a few rashers of local bacon sizzling to perfection, in-house slaw & a house sauce to bind all the flavours together giving the burger that smokey kick we love – all sitting neatly in a beautifully golden fluffy local bun. Well, stop imaging & start indulging in Suzie Q’s much adored Bacon Cheese burger. Need we say more?

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10.The Tiffany’s Special, by Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s prides itself on the freshest in-house ingredients and sauces, made from scratch with a whole lot of love.
The coveted, Tiffany’s Special, is everything and more. 240g of grilled beef and slow-cooked pork belly, topped with melted Manchego cheese, rucola, chipotle mayo, crispy onions and honey hoisin sauce. Have you tried this one yet?!

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