UpperFood Malta

An Italian food market concept where we celebrate good food and wine as a part of our life.
Our products come from all over Italy, with a focus on the smaller villages where the traditional ways of creating top quality food and wine are still respected. Our shop is packed full of quality artisanal products waiting to be devoured.

Terre Francescane Pepper Oil

The Terre Francescane range of flavoured extra virgin olive oils are created using 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and natural flavours that have been certified for authenticity. Exquisite oils with an impeccable flavour, remarkable quality and effortless elegance.

Carozzi Cappriciolo

An award-winning cheese by Carozzi; a family owned business that respects ancient traditions whilst producing modern interpretations. Their Cappriciolo is the winner of the SILVER award at the 2013 World Cheese Awards. It is a blue goat cheese, with a delicate and unique flavour.

Wine Selection

Every bottle in our range of wines is chosen by us. Selections are based on quality and flavour but we also seek out producers and wine makers who share a passion, enthusiasm, and a deep knowledge of tradition, handed down from one generation to the next. Each wine is chosen to reflect the complexity of the region, but also a harmony with nature.

Salsa Tartufata

The combination of mushroom and truffle is a match made in heaven. Our truffle sauce does not contain any preservatives and colouring and is only enriched with carefully selected spices. Our original recipe does not contain any olives, simply focusing on the star of the show, the truffle.

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Ogygia Range by Vini e Capricci

Be good to yourself this Christmas and New Year with our premium Ogygia range of products, where you’ll be able to taste true, authentic flavours of Gozo. Our team are constantly blending local ingredients in new ways to create innovative taste combinations that you will love. Make your next meal mouth watering and elevate it by adding amazing flavours from our Ogygia range.

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