If you look more closely there are wonderful parallels and deeply rooted connections between the arts of building and of cooking. To begin with, both evolve from necessity, and both possess a cultural and sensory, aesthetic dimension. As do most arts, these two also bestow a leading role to the materials used and require designing, measuring and quantifying, assembling and composing. Food is creative and approached the right way can also be intellectual.

We’ve asked to deliver a dish inspired by their creative work. Here’s what Rueben Lautier came up with.

Rueben Lautier

Architect since 2002 and food enthusiast from 1989.

Wabi-Sabi ( a concept:)

” The Japanese art of imperfect beauty. Accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay
in which everything has beauty ”

Describe the thought process behind your dish

My dish is inspired by this concept known as ‘Wabi Sabi’ – in a few words it means the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all. The dish also represents my commitment to using sustainale and seasonal produce where possible. To complete the dish I also carved a plate from ‘travertino giallo’ specifically for this shoot

Favourite meal:

A fragrant fish curry

Three things always found in your fridge:

Sun-dried Tomatoes
Smoked salmon

Must have kitchen gadget:

Japanese knives

Rueben Lautier is a lover of good food and beautiful things. He simultaneously practices architectural design at his studio while taking over the family business which works with natural stone and other materials. www.rlautier.com