How many times have you realised that you are going about your life believing things to be true? From ancient housewives’ tales to unrevised scientific or contradicting facts we can carry myths from generation to generation! This is also true for food… myths about the nutritional value or foods, how we cook it to how we eat it.

Here are our top picks of food myths we want to bust once and for all!

1. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac:

FALSE! Sorry guys but this has not been scientifically proven. You want to amp up your sex life and you believe that chocolate will do the trick then that’s simply your own drive and not the chocolate doing the job! Have you heard of the placebo-effect?

2. Eating fat makes you fat:

We have learnt that fats are bad for our bodies so for the last few decades we have eliminated anything that said “fat” on it. We have seen the impressive rise of law-fat food alternatives and packaging hitting the shelves. This shift did not make us healthier as we were not consuming other healthy fats too. Good fats are typically derived from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish and are full of nutrients your body needs. So don’t shy away from these fats. In the meantime, get your FATS right

3. It takes 7 years to digest gum:

Have you accidentally swallowed gum as a kid and frantically entered panic mode thinking its going to create a sticky web across all your insides and you will never be able to eat or poop again?! This food myth is quite widespread, but the truth is, chewing gum will pass through your digestive system normally … and exits normally too. Food Myth Busted!

4. Milk builds strong bones

Get ready for a shocker because this is not true! A 2010 study published in the Nutrition in Clinical Practice Journal found that milk might be the reason bones lose calcium. This is exactly the opposite of what they told us! Moreover, a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains “Osteoporotic bone fracture rates are highest in countries that consume the most dairy, calcium, and animal protein.” So, how about that for a food myth. Time to leave the cows alone and switch to plant based milk.

5. 5-second rule floor drop

I know you do it too! Well sorry folks, as much as we hate to throw away food, the fact is that if there are microorganisms present on the floor that can be transferred to the food in less than 5 seconds. An interesting research was carried out and opinions are still scattered. This food myth is not entirely busted, as there are too many variables to consider. Continue to believe if you like… At your own risk!