Most likely, you have a weird food combination you love to endower when you’re alone at home. Whether it’s nostalgic eating, revisiting comfort food from your childhood or an experiment that turned out well, there’s someone else out there with equally weird food combo favourites. 

We picked our top 5 from across the web and look forward to hearing more from yours! Don’t forget to post a photo and tag @servedmagmalta or send in your weird food combos via our Get in touch form

1. Marmite and Peanut butter

There’s nothing to be surprised about here – the famous Marmite brand actually launched its own Marmite Peanut Butter earlier this year. Marmite fans are likely to dive into this new spread whilst the haters are spreading “vomiting” emoticons across social media channels. The company says, ”Even if you are a hater, remember that two wrongs can sometimes make a right. So take the plunge, and give it a try!” YAY or NEY? 

2. Peanut Butter with Pickles Sandwich 

According to this website the PB&P Sandwich was born during the Great Depression when Americans were trying to cut corners. Peanut Butter, Pickles and bread were the cheapest food items to find and voila and found itself in Depression-era cookbooks. Today, mentioning this weird food combo might instigate expressions of disgust. Have you tried it? Check out this recipe

Photo by: Joy The Baker 

3. Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar

Whilst fresh juicy strawberries are best served plain a now popular compliment is balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar brings out the best in this seasonal gem. The tangy, woodsy taste of balsamic vinegar actually makes the strawberries taste even more sweet and citrusy according to this publication. Your thoughts? We think YEY! 

Photo by: The Fruit people

4. Vanilla Ice Cream with Seaweed and Soy Sauce 

Anything coming Japanese cuisine to me sounds crazy enough to taste right. Same for this weird food combo, apparently a delicacy in Hokkaido, Japan. According to this publication, a popular ice cream flavour in Japan is salty vanilla. This sweet has the same concept. “The creaminess of the vanilla mellows out the harshness of the salt, and the salt helps to draw out more of the vanilla’s sweetness.“ Go figure. Dare to try? 

Photo by: Sora News 24 

5. Banana Cheese Toastie

Erm, what? According to some food bloggers this one actually tastes amazing. Some recipes also add honey, cinnamon, beaten egg, raisins and even orange juice. To the toastie lovers’ out there – I know you have a weirder combo! Give us your best shot. 

Photo by: Anita Jacobson 

There you have our top 5 weird food combos. We are confident that you’ve got your own weird food cravings and combos that you indulge in. Share them with us!