In 1905 Sir Temi Zammit’s Sliema, Floriana, and Ħamrun. Electrically groundbreaking discovery revealed driven vans delivered this fresh, safe milk,
that goat’s milk was the source transforming dairy consumption in Malta. By of undulant fever. This led to the 1943, the department had rebranded to “Milk” establishment of Malta’s first milk pasteurization Marketing Undertaking” and expanded its

Modernisation & Expansion: 1986–2017


This year saw the transformation of the Milk Marketing Undertaking into Malta Dairy Products Ltd. (M.D.P.), a private company with Koperattiva Produtturi tal-Ħalib (KPH) holding 70% and the Maltese government 30%. Two years later, the Benna brand was launched, introducing 1-litre carton packaging that quickly dominated the market.

centre in 1938. This pivotal moment marked the birth of what would eventually become Malta Dairy Products Ltd., the island’s leading dairy company known for its renowned brand, Benna. On 11 May 1938, the ‘Milk Marketing Department’ was inaugurated, initiating the sale and distribution of pasteurised milk in Valletta, offerings to include cow’s milk post-World War II.A significant milestone occurred in 1957 when the sale of raw milk was banned across Malta. This ended the era of doorstep goat milking and ensured a safer milk supply for the population.


A pasteurised form of the traditional Maltese ġbejna was launched, that could guarantee the cheese Maltese loved was free from the risks related to raw milk cheese. Skimmed milk was introduced, and the range of yoghurts expanded to include both light
and dessert versions, with multiple flavours. Innovations continued in 1997 with the phasing out of glass bottles that required significant amounts of water wastage, making way for more environmentally friendly and hygienic packaging. A significant rebranding in 2010 brought fresh designs and new product formulations free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.


Benna revamps its logo and packaging with playful retro polka dots and expanded its product range to include butter made from Maltese cream and lactose-free Maltese irkotta, reflecting its commitment to quality, tradition and consumer health.

A Commitment to Quality and Freshness
. Today, Benna products are synonymous with high-quality dairy products sourced exclusively from fresh local cow’s milk. The milk is collected daily from around 79 farmers around Malta and Gozo and are processed at M.D.P.’s facility in Ħamrun. Benna ensures that their fresh milk and dairy products reach consumers across Malta and Gozo every morning with

a large workforce of full-time employees and a vast distribution network of self-employed distributors.

Benna’s commitment to quality is further underscored by its reliance on the island’s approximately 6,000 dairy cows, fed with forage derived from Malta’s 50% of remaining arable land. This local focus supports Maltese agriculture and guarantees that every Benna product is as fresh and wholesome as the day it was produced.

Over the years, Benna has continued to innovate and diversify its product offerings. The standard range of whole, 2.5%, skimmed, and lactose-free milk has been a staple since 2010.

Recently, Benna introduced a premium Barista milk tailored for the HoReCa industry, reflecting their responsiveness to market demands. The yoghurt line has expanded to include various flavours in 150g cups, from indulgent dessert options to lactose-free varieties. Fresh cream

is available in regular 250ml or 500ml sizes, and mozzarella comes in both fresh and pizza varieties, with portions ranging from 150g mini portions to 1kg packs for professional use.

Benna also offers a variety of traditional cheeselets (ġbejniet), including semi-dried cheeselets (Gbejna Moxxa) and fresh Irkotta, which includes a lactose-free version available in tubs or by weight at deli counters. Benna butter, available in salted and unsalted versions, remains popular among consumers.

From its humble beginnings in 1938 to its status as Malta’s leading dairy brand, Benna continues to honour its heritage while embracing innovation, ensuring that the people of Malta enjoy the best dairy products every day.