Serves 2

Prep time 20 minutes


Leftover brussels sprouts, 4 spoonful’s
Leftover roast potatoes, 4 spoonful’s
Leftover roast carrots, 4 spoonful’s
Leftover roast onions, 4 spoonful’s
Lime, 1
Red chili, according to taste
Cranberry sauce, 2 spoonful’s
Halloumi cheese, 6 slices
Tomato, 1, sliced and seasoned
Burger buns, 2, halved
Salt, as needed
Olive oil, as needed


This is a winning recipe that scoops up all the sides you have into one delectable vegetarian burger leaving you feeling hugged come Boxing Day Blues.

Roughly slice the brussels sprouts and season with the juice and zest of half a lime. Set aside. Finely chop the chili and combine as much as you desire to createe a super quick spiced cranberry sauce. Set aside.

In a bowl crush the roast potatoes and carrots together. Check for seasoning and form into 2 patties.

Heat a large frying pan or skillet on a medium heat. Drizzle some olive oil and fry each patty on one side until golden brown. Carefully flip and fry on the other side. Use the other half of the pan to toast the burger buns and then remove. In their place set the halloumi and grill until soft and coloured. Place the cheese on the bun base followed by the onions, the patty, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and cranberry sauce. Enjoy!