You’ve been assigned the task of organising the annual staff party and suddenly
you’re faced with a lot of pressure to make the annual bash better than the last
years’. So, what’s going to be different this year and have your colleagues and
employees talking about it for the next few months?

Many companies like to theme their events around Christmas or totally irrelevant
like 80s theme or 90s theme – but this isn’t necessary. It can put off many of your
colleagues who don’t like to dress up in costume. In fact in Malta, especially the
ladies, love to get dressed up in their latest party wear and get dolled up at their
beauty salon – so don’t take this away from them!


Get things moving and shaking to ensure all departments are mingling with each
other and not creating their usual comfortable groups.

Ice Breaker Idea 1: Desk Thief

Steal one item from each person’s desk, then display them at your party. Now
everyone must work out which item belongs to whom – A great way to brighten
people’s spirits.

Couples Who Am I

Write out the names of each half of famous couples or pairings, on its own Post-It
note. Stick a Post-it to each person’s back. Now circulating the room, they search for
their other half, asking only ‘Yes/no’ questions about who they are. This is great to
match people in completely different areas of the business to get to know each other


The dreaded phrase where you have to participate but secretly really enjoy it!
Choose games and challenges that bring out the competitiveness, gets the
adrenaline rising and most importantly has you feeling like a child again. Time to
throw the heels, release the ties and get into the games.

Watch this video about Go Game for some inspiration – or event get the tech
yourself for a series of fun events throughout the year!


Price Tag

Create custom merchandise or products from your company (say 10 – 15 items) and
allocate numbers to each person.

Choose the first piece of merchandise and randomly pick 4 numbers to start things

Present the piece of merchandise and have those 4 people take turns bidding on the
price of that swag item.

The individual that is the closest to the price wins and gets to keep that piece of
merchandise or product.

Repeat the process with the next item.

Here are the official rules for the Price is Right Game

Christmas Trivia

Play a round of Trivia to give a chance to the General Knowledge Buffs to shine! Try
a Christmas Quiz by organising teams and get them to answer questions about
different Christmas traditions and holiday trivia. Create rounds for different tupes of
questions and at the end award the team that comes first with an attractive prize.

DIY Photo Booth

For the last decade the, what seems to be nothing special, photo booth always gets
the best of us once the drinks start flowing. Better still, it gives us memories to keep
acting the fool with our colleagues. Contact a photo booth agent near you and rent it
for the duration of your event. They usually provide some props but be sure to get
creative with your own props, especially if you have a theme for your event.

Office Awards

There are the serious professional awards and recognition that the company may
give to their employees for outstanding performance. And then there are the awards
that acknowledge the funnier side of office life – from the messiest desk to the most
talkative, the most empathetic to the most sociable. Get creative without offending
anyone – make sure to pass these through management. Here are some more ideas
on Hilarious Office Awards to embarrass your colleagues.

Don’t forget to make custom certificates for this memorable moment.

Talent Show

Most likely your team is packed with hidden talent they have not shared with you.
Find out what these are and encourage performances. Allow them to take the
spotlight and uncover their talents!

Bring in a dance instructor

All parties must have a little boogie to de-stress and let loose, especially as the year
closes and the festive season is near. Bring in a dance instructor to get the shy
dance-floor observers moving their feet too!

What was the most memorable activity you had at your Christmas staff party? Get
on facebook and share it in the comments.