5 Zero-Waste Kitchen Hacks

De-cluttering your kitchen space (and keeping it that way!) has so many benefits on your psyche and can have potential positive impacts on the environment. It’s simple – the less you produce and consume the better it is for the environment.

How can we reduce waste from our kitchen?

1.Turn your food into nutrients for the soil. Whether you live in an apartment or have a house with a garden, you can make contribute to compost making. If you’re living in Malta, Wasteserv collect organic waste from household to household and turn this into compost for landscaping. If you live in an area where organic waste is not collected then you can invest in your own indoor compost bin. There are several ways to do this. When the process is done, send it over to your nearest farm or family house with a garden to fertilise their soil. This action alone will get you going on your zero-waste kitchen journey in no time!

2.Swap synthetic dish washing sponges with zero-waste, plastic-free, natural fibre or the real loofah! When it’s completely used up, you can chuck this into the ground or in your compost bin. Tear it up in smaller pieces to decompose faster.

3.Swap conventional detergents usually bought in plastic bottles from the supermarket with plastic-free, natural DIY cleaners. There are loads of super simple recipes you can find online that are cheaper, effective, reduce your plastic waste and so much safer to use. Make your own DIY cleaning spray using a simple water, vinegar, and essential oil solution. No more spray bottles – this action will change your life and reduce the waste in your kitchen (and general household!).

4.Ditch the cling film. Store food in the fridge with reusable beeswax wraps or in reusable containers. Or simply add another plate over the dish. Say bye-bye to plastic!

5.Take your own Tupperware to the supermarket. These reusable boxes are handy if buying meat or fish at the butcher or when topping up condiments at the deli counter. This will keep all the containers out of the way and finally a de-cluttered plastic-free kitchen!

There are many more ways you can de-clutter your kitchen space and help the environment.

What actions are you taking at home? It all starts with a simple change!