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Category: Overnight

Drunken Watermelon

Drunken Watermelon infused with, Hibiscus, Apple Blossom and served with torched figs and raspberries Serves 4 Ingredients For the Watermelon 4 thick slices watermelon Apple blossom flowers Hibiscus Flowers 1 ltr sugar syrup For the Torched Figs 4 figs Icing sugar For the Mandarin compote 10 &#8211; 12 mandarin oranges 5 lemon (juiced) 60g sugar &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Mark McBride

Tropical fruit overnight oats

1 large serving or two small ones Prep time 10min + chilling time Ingredients ⅓ cup plain Greek yogurt ½ cup rolled oats ⅔ cup full-fat coconut milk 1 tbsp. chia seeds or ground flax meal ½ tsp. vanilla extract Pinch of salt Honey or maple syrup ⅓ cup chopped fresh or canned pineapple ⅓ &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Charlene Bugeja

Make your own Labneh cream cheese

This soft, cream cheese is made from strained yogurt, and very present and popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s wonderful in dips, salads and sandwiches. 6 – 8 balls Prep time 5 mins + 36 hours to strain Ingredients 500g full fat greek yoghurt ½ tsp. coarse sea salt Method Line a bowl with a &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Ljuana Xuereb

Plum Terrine with Plum compote

Serves 2 Prep time 45mins + overnight chilling time Ingredients For the plum compote 2 large fresh plums I tsp. sugar I tsp. lemon juice For the terrine 150ml plum purée 1 egg yolk 30 g granulated sugar 1 tsp. lemon juice 60g fresh cream 25g gelatine Make your own plum puree. Halve and pit &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Mario Mallia

Crispy Polenta with spinach & leeks…

&#8230;poached egg, sautéed mixed mushroom, pea puree. Serves 4 Prep Time: Overnight chilling for the polenta, 40 mins cooking Ingredients for polenta: 400ml water 100g quick-cook polenta 1 ½ tsp. butter 3 tbsp. grated parmesan ½ tsp. rock salt Method for Polenta: To make the polenta, put the water and salt in a medium saucepan and &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Eunice Muscat

Lemon Sorbet

Serves 4 Prep time 30 mins + overnight freezing Ingredients 6 lemons (depending on size) 150ml sugar syrup (Sugar dissolved in water) 2 egg whites Method Zest and juice the lemons, putting the juice to one side. Add the zest of 1 lemon to the sugar syrup and warm up in a pan. This will &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Hauke Eggert

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