Serves 4

Prep time & Cooking time 45 minutes


4 mackerel fillets (trimmed)
15ml olive oil
½ fennel bulb, sliced on mandolin (in iced water for a few hours)
1 yellow beet, sliced on mandolin
½ lemon, juice
Dill chopped
Fresh dill, to garnish
45g Greek yoghurt
10ml olive oil


In a non-stick pan place the mackerel fillets skin side down and press lightly to ensure an even caramelisation of the skin. Cook 75% skin side down flip over and turn heat off – it will continue to cook through with the residual heat.

Drain the fennel and beets on absorbent paper. In a bowl, whisk the yoghurt, olive oil, dill and lemon juice and season to taste. Add the fennel and beet, mix to coat evenly and dress as in the picture.

Stefan Hogan

Stefan Hogan

-Executive Chef, Corinthia Palace - His desire is to deliver food which helps create memorable experiences and bring people together around a table.

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