We are all well-aware of the benefits of keeping hydrated and the importance of water in our bodies. But what happens when you drink lemon water daily? Some experts claim this to be the best morning ritual whilst others shrug it off as a myth.

Although many have gone to the web to claim that in just 7 days, the benefits of drinking lemon water are clear. Let’s start with the obvious:

1.Lemon water for hydration:
Perhaps it’s the flavour, but drinking lemon water helps us drink more water
and thus keeps the body hydrated.

2. Lemon water for improved digestion:
Drinking a glass of lemon water before any meal helps to move along the
food. One of the most common causes of recurrent constipation is inadequate
fluid intake.

3. Lemon water is a good source of Vitamin C:
Citrus fruits are known to be high in Vitamin C. Add a squeeze of lemon juice
in your glass of water every morning and this helps to give you low calorie
boost of vitamin C. Of course, this is not enough for the recommended daily
dose of Vitamin C and you should continue consuming other fruits and veg
throughout the day.

4. Lemon water supports weight management: it’s no secret that drinking
lots of water supports long term weight loss. Drinking lemon water before a
meal will help digest your food as well as the feeling of satiety, helping you to
reduce your portion size and tricking your mind into wanting more food.

5. Lemon water improves skin quality:
Let’s owe this one to hydration from the water itself but adding lemon to
your daily morning glass of water gives you a bit more Vitamin C which helps
the production of collagen and elastin. Yes to a youthful, glowing skin!

6. Lemon water freshens breath:
According to this publication the citric acid found in lemon juice stimulates
saliva production and fights off bad breath.

7. Lemon water lowers risk of mental health:
Drinking lemon water daily can help to reduce the risk of mental health
disorders such as anxiety and depression, due to its high potassium content.
Low potassium intake gas been linked to a higher risk in depression and

Are you a heartburn sufferer? If you suffer from heartburn, drinking lemon water on
an empty stomach is not always ideal so do it with caution. Medical News Today
suggested 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with 8 ounces of water. Drink the lemonwater 20 minutes before a meal. Always test a small amount to see how the body
reacts. Slowly increase up to a full glass if appropriate.

Not sure if this is for you? This publication lists 7 signs you should try drinking
lemon water for a week.

Do you drink lemon water everyday? Let us know why!