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Category: Issue #14

Sweet Potato Soda Bread with Roasted Red Pepper Shakshuka

Makes 1 loaf Prep time 2 hours The Sweet Potato Soda Bread Ingredients Sweet potato, 350g Oat milk, 120g Pumpkin seeds, 60g Chickpea or wholemeal flour, 200g Plain flour, 170g Baking powder, 3 tsp Salt, 1 tsp Method Roast the sweet potato at 190 degrees C, in the oven, till soft. Once done, peel and &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Sam Farrugia

Halloumi and Egg Muffin with Honey- Siracha Mayo

Serves 4 Start to finish: 20 minutes Ingredients Halloumi Fior di Vita, 8 slices, 2cm thick Eggs,4 Honey, 4 tsp Siracha, 4tsp Mayonnaise, 4 tbsp English muffins, 4 Salt, as needed Method A super easy breakfast or snack to put together either at home or whilst camping. Start off by heating a grill pan to &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Debbie Schembri

Campfire Breakfast Hash

Ingredients Potatoes, 4 large, skin on, washed and diced into 4cm cubes Chestnut mushrooms, 200g, chopped in quarters Italian kale, bunch, de-stemmed, roughly chopped Garlic, 2 cloves, sliced Thyme, 6 sprigs Sage, 6 leaves Freshly crushed black pepper, ¼ tsp Eggs, 4 Salt, as needed Olive oil, as needed Butter, 50 g Parmesan cheese, 50 &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Debbie Schembri

Chickpea and Aubergine Fatteh with Pine Nuts and Brown Butter

Serves 4 Prep time Start to finish: ½ an hour Ingredients Aubergine, 1 large, diced into 2cm cubes Chickpeas, 1 tin, drained Ground cumin, ½ tsp Ground coriander, ½ tsp Fresh coriander, 4 sprigs, roughly chopped Pita bread, ideally the thinner variety, 4 rounds chopped into 5 cm pieces Pine nuts, 100g Butter, 150g Garlic, &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Debbie Schembri

Scallops, Courgettes, Frisee & Pancetta salad

Serves 2 Prep time 30 minutes 16 scallops 50g butter 200g courgettes 8-10 mint leaves, chopped 1 small head frisee (Endive) 100g pancetta lardons 3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar Salt &amp; pepper Method Fry lardons in a little oil over medium heat until nice and crispy, then set aside. &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

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