The Valletta-based Mediterranean Culinary Academy has launched a range of courses to inspire participants to cook locally and sustainably. Here we explore this exciting concept and present delicious recipes packed with fresh, local and in-season produce.

We’ve all heard about sustainable eating but, perhaps, haven’t fully embraced the idea or integrated it into our diets.

Put simply, eating sustainably is about making informed decisions about what to consume, especially in light of the long-term repercussions that that decision could have.

“You can accomplish this with a better understanding of where your food comes from and the resources required to produce it,” explains Stephen La Rosa, Chief Culinary Officer at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy. “As time goes on we are seeing more and more data to support the need for sustainability, and people are beginning to understand why we need to be concerned about the future of our food system and the environment.”

The Academy – which recently launched a range of hands-on hobby courses – has chosen to focus on sustainability as one of its core values because the team here feels its integral to a thriving food system. “And that’s not given half as much importance as it ought to be,” Stephen continues. “As educators in the culinary sector we feel it is our responsibility to pass on this information and showcase the correct practices to our pupils and followers. Our focus on eating local produce can be explained through discussions involving social, environmental and economic sustainability quite comfortably. Beyond those arguments though – it just tastes better.”

Eating sustainably actually starts with eating seasonally. And while it’s not technically spring yet, for Maltese farmers it may as well be. “As the temperatures begin to warm up we see an abundance of spring produce,” Stephen continues. “Artichokes, broad beans, spring onions and garlic, as well as what’s left of some lovely winter produce like cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and citrus.”

It’s actually quit easy to learn about what’s in season at any given time – simply pay a visit to your local farmer’s market and start a conversation with any of the sellers about what they’ve been growing.

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