Serves 2

Prep time 10 minutes


2 small ftiras, cut in half and buttered
½ a Maltese sausage, skinned and broken apart
6 fresh, local rabbit kidneys
2 fresh, local rabbit livers
3 eggs, whisked
25g butter
1tbsp olive oil


Prepare the offal: remove kidney fat and set aside. Remove thin membrane by pinching the back of the kidney, so the membrane is between your fingers and taking it off. Season the kidneys and livers.

To cook

Heat up a pan with olive oil over medium heat. Add kidney fat and cook until fat rendered and browned.

Add the Maltese sausage and cook. Remove sausage and fat from pan using a slotted spoon, turn up the heat and when fat starts to smoke, add offal to pan and cook for 1-2 minutes.
When done take out with slotted spoon and set aside.

Turn heat to low and add the butter and 2 tablespoons water to deglaze the pan. Add eggs and scramble.

To assemble

Divide the egg between the 2 ftiras. Cut the kidneys in half. Slice the livers into thick slices.

Divide the sausage and offal between the ftiras.


Chef’s tips: When seasoning offal, first taste how salty the Maltese sausage is so you can better gage how much salt to use.

Choose Maltese sausage from a small butcher who makes his own; these are usually far less salty than commercially made products. My favourite is Fur Play in Qormi. He raises his own rabbits and makes his own Malteses sausage. Best rabbits and Maltese sausage on the island!