“I love to wash dishes,” said no one, ever. Whilst the obvious response would be to invest in an efficient and effective dishwashing machine, the other obvious response would be to reduce the number of dishes you use whilst cooking so that dishwashing is effortless and doesn’t take much of your time.

Some of the best meals are indeed also created in an impromptu ol’ fashioned “chuck everything in a pot” sort of thing – especially when you’re using leftovers or clearing out the fridge! Check out our one-pot recipes below.

Three simple ways to reduce dishwashing time.


Oven Roast in One tray

If you’re roasting a chicken, for example, add up the side dishes, such as potatoes and vegetables, to the same dish. This also allows the chicken to soak up the flavours from the veggies and vice versa. Plus you save two more dishes or pots!

Opt for Casserole or tagine type dishes that you can pop in the oven in one tray.

Cook Pasta or Rice in one pot

Whether you’re whipping up a quick plate of pasta with fresh ingredients or a more complex Risotto – attempt it all in one pot!

From Hob to Oven

Buy dishes that can be used both on the hob and in the oven. You may want to fry up an onion or pre-cook some ingredients before roasting in the oven and these dishes are the perfect way to do this.

dishwashingRinse off Immediately Or Let It Soak

Rinse dishes straight away to avoid getting food stuck. If food is more persistent, most commonly when roasting, add hot water and let it soak for a while.

Load the dishwasher as you go 

Load the dishwasher as you go, don’t let dirty plates pile up on the counter or in the sink! Preferably wipe down / quick rinse to make sure food doesn’t get stuck

Try these one-pot recipes to reduce dishwashing:

Rabbit Stew
A delicious rabbit stew in 10 minutes, using one pot.

Pumpkin, Spicy Sausage and Kale Frittata
The ideal comfort food, one-pot, lazy afternoon dish.

Bone Broth
A scrumptious, immune-boosting, warming bone broth good for the soul… and all in one oven-proof pot!

Moroccan Fish Tagine
Instead of using a saucepan to make the sauce, start cooking the sauce in a pot that can be transferred to the oven.


Lamb Stew
Culinary legend Gennaro Contaldo’s easy one-pot dish is made for lazy weekends.

Pork Wrapped in Bacon
Weeknight dinners can still include a roast. We’ve cut corners on the classic Italian dish—using bacon and skipping the air-drying process for this one-pot dish.

Most soups only require one pot. So whether you like it pureed, or chunky, or broth soup is a great way to get in a good dose of vegetables and nutrients.

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks 
Technically this requires one bowl for marination and another for baking – but it’s totally worth it. Clean up the bowl you used to mix the marinade in immediately to avoid it getting stuck.