Served spoke to some kick-ass working mums to get their tips that will have you and your family eating delicious healthy meals all week long and more importantly save time!


You guessed right. Planning takes a little bit of time, once per week but will save you loads more time during the week so that you can enjoy that time with your kids, partner or take a ‘me time’ break. You deserve it!

Establish a weekly meal planner that’s simple and works for you. Meal plan for next week. Create a shopping list. Stock up. Prep.

Batch It!

Batch cook on the weekend and freeze for the rest of the week – a variety of vegetable based and carb filling meals that pack in all the goodness. Think cottage pie, pasta bakes … This saves times especially on busy days when you don’t have time to cook or go to the supermarket – it avoids resorting to take outs or unhealthy / non nutritious meals.

Stock Up.

Inventory Must-Haves
Do one weekly big shop to stock your inventory – but before you do, plan your meals ahead to make sure you have all the ingredients at home for quick and healthy meals.

Pasta – get the kids to choose their favourite pasta shapes.
Beans – canned and dried
Nuts & Dried fruits for healthy snacks and variety in lunchboxes (link to lunch box article)
Frozen berries – for awesome smoothies
Eggs – here are some creative ways to make eggs the kids would love
Cheese – know which ones your kids like and add them to sandwiches, pasta, snacks
Yoghurt – whether your kids love to eat it alone or make smoothies etc
Variety of veggies – keep it fresh. Add up carrot sticks, celery sticks and other raw or semi-cooked veggies that your kids could snack on.
Potatoes – mash it, bake it, fry it, steam it, make shapes…

Cooking as a family activity

Include the kids in cooking to make that dinner prep hour more exciting and inclusive. Here some tips on how to include your children in the kitchen – including how to manage the inevitable mess!

Keep it fun & enticing

Follow Instagram and Pinterest accounts for some recipe inspiration.

Mark Morales gives his tips as a father and chef on how we makes his daughter’s lunchbox exciting with a variety of foods.