Serves 2

Prep time 60 mins + 60 mins sous vide or equivalent


1 loin of Veal
4 thin slices of lardo di colonata
50g ground Panko breadcrumbs
5g preserved lemon
10g chopped chives
5 pieces braised shallots
20g caramelized onion puree
5g leek ash
2 charred spring onions
20ml pan juices


Prepare the veal loin for sous vide cooking by vac packing the meat in a cooking bag and cooking at 56°C for 1 hour. Meanwhile start the onion puree by cutting the onions in thin slices and cook in a pan on low heat until golden brown. Add milk to cover the onions and let simmer until the onions are thoroughly cooked and soft. Pass the onions through the remaining milk and blend until very smooth, adding more milk if necessary. Peel the shallots and cook in a pan covering in chicken stock and thyme.

Prepare the pangritata by lightly browning the breadcrumbs in a pan adding a little bit of butter. Season with salt and preserved lemon and add chopped chives to finish off. To prepare the spring onions, put them on a grill while brushing with oil to darken and char them. Remove the veal from the sous vide and pat dry the meat. Pan sear the meat adding butter, thyme and garlic cloves. Transfer on to a resting tray and let rest for 5 minutes. Roll the meat over the sliced lardo and set aside to serve.