…Steamed Clams, Saffron & Cream sauce.

Serves 2

Prep Time: 1 hr


2x black spotted bream fillets (Bazuk) (ask your fishmonger to fillet it for you).
150g clams
1tbsp. black caviar
150ml dry white wine
200ml fresh cream
40g fresh broad beans
50g fresh peas
4 small asparagus
4 stalks bok choy
1 small white onion finely chopped
4 pieces romanesco florets
3 cloves garlic roughly chopped
2 pinches of saffron
1tsp. lemon juice


For the Saffron & cream sauce:

Sweat the onion and a garlic clove in olive oil, stir well and add 100ml of white wine, simmer until at least half the alcohol has evaporated, add the cream and saffron, then strain the sauce through a fine sieve, finish with the salt, white pepper and lemon juice.

For the steamed clams:

Melt the butter in a medium pot over medium heat, add 2 chopped garlic until is fragrant but not burned. Add rest of white wine and increase heat to medium high until wine is brought to a simmering boil, add clams and cooked covered for 5 minutes until clams have opened.

For the vegetables:

Blanch all the vegetables together in boiling salted water for 3 minutes until just tender, strain & seasoned them with olive oil, salt and white pepper.

For the fish:

Heat the oil in a large frying pan, season the fillets on both sides and place in the pan, skin side down, and fry over a medium heat until the skin is crisp and golden. Flip the fish over then add the teaspoon of butter and a squeeze of lemon and fry until cooked through.