Ingredients for the scallops

2 king scallops, roe removed, washed and cleaned
2 scallop shells (ask your fishmonger) halved and cleaned
2 tbsp sea buckthorn juice (foraged in the autumn, frozen and blitzed in a blender or available from health food stores)
2 thick slices of chorizo, diced

Ingredients for the orange and seaweed butter

Rind of 1 orange, blanched 3 times in boiling water and finely sliced 100g butter, softened.
1-2 tsp dried, ground kelp, or foraged, dried and sliced finely

Method for the scallops

This requires marinating time so start 1 day ahead or in the morning.

Season the scallops lightly with sea salt, place in a small tupperware box and pour over sea buck- thorn juice.Refrigerate if marinating overnight

Method for the flavoured butter

Make this 1 day in advance.
Soften the butter overnight or for 10 seconds in a microwave at 750W

Mix in the orange peel and dried kelp.

Roll the butter into a cylinder in a sheet of tin- foil or greaseproof paper and refrigerate.