Makes 1 large Focaccia

Prep time 30 minutes


300g wholemeal flour

200g flour (0)

300ml hot water

1 yeast cube

2 teaspoons of salt

Mixed seeds

1 spoon of Brown sugar

Coarse salt

Rosemary and sage leaves

Extra virgin oil


Pre heat the oven for the proofing phase. Combine the two flours with yeast, seeds, salt, sugar and water. Form a dough and knead it until it becomes soft. After about half an hour it will be leavened. Then spread it in an oiled pan, without touching the edges. Let it rise in warm oven, now switched off, for three hours.

Then turn the oven to 180°C and sprinkle the surface of the focaccia with sage leaves, rosemary sprigs and coarse salt. Finally, spread the extra virgin olive oil on the surface. Before baking, using wet fingers, make the classic holes on the surface. Bake for about 20 minutes.