ZeroBubble Order & Pay

Convenient for your staff – Efficient for YOU!

Bid a fond farewell to worries over lost revenue and one of the catering industry’s greatest concerns yet; the scarcity of reliable staff!

Finally seeing the light at the end of the proverbial ‘covid tunnel’, hindsight allows us to look back and pinpoint large gaps that leave industries vulnerable to the changing and unpredictable nature of the world. Take the pandemic and subsequent shortage of staff over the past couple of years, as an example. How can we tweak the system in such a way, using the past as a tool to innovate for better solutions, to help get over the obstacles that brought our industry to a standstill? Enter ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution – a revolutionary tool for the hospitality industry and a great supporting technology for serving staff and bar/restaurant managers to increase their revenue.

What is ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution?

A helping hand to floor staff and front of house to take pressure off of situations where they find themselves short-handed or there is a sudden influx of customers. It provides greater accuracy – eliminating those tricky and awkward situations of wrong order processing and incorrect money handling that often lead to a damaged reputation and bad customer experience. It is also a way for customers to order in their own time, without needing to grab the attention of a member of staff. No more craving for that iced-tea when you can Scan, Order, Pay and Get Served instantly!

What ZeroBubble’s ‘Order & Pay’ solution is not?

It is not a replacement for your existing workforce, rather it is a complementary ‘helping hand’ to improve the quality of service you can provide to your customers, while also maximising the daily impulse sales potential of an establishment – a win-win situation.

How Does It Work?

Imagine you’re at the beach, craving that icy cold beer, cocktail or ice-cream. You’ve been trying to catch someone’s attention to take your order but there’s no one in sight, and the only option you have is to walk all the way to the bar and wait to get served. Or you’re seated at the table of a busy restaurant, already hungry and bothered, wondering if the waiters have forgotten all about you. With the use of a simple QR code, where customers can not only view the menu, but also order and pay through their personal device, you can turn this loss of revenue and reputation into a thing of the past.

Key Benefits To Restaurant Owners/Managers

* Increase sales revenue
* Get the most affordable transaction fees on the market
* Increase footprint
* Keep your already-stretched staff safe, reduce pressure due to staff shortages
* Local Support – no talking to call centres or automated chatbots and emails
* Satisfied Customers!

Helps your customers with:

* Instant ordering, no waiter-waiting time – just scan the QR Code from any mobile phone
* Clean, simple user experience
* Select, Order & Pay from the comfort of your table or sunbed!
* No unnecessary waiter and cash contact
* Get Served!

Helps your staff with:

* Safety! By reducing unnecessary customer contact
* No further pressure on multi-tasking to handle various requests at one go! You will receive orders directly on the device in the bar
* No payment handling
* Fully focus on customer experience!

“Hospitality is changing. Don’t get left behind. Your Digital Waiter is here.”

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