Preparing and deciding what to eat for lunch at the office can quickly become an exhausting or boring task resulting in copious amounts of unhealthy take away meals, boring salads, or spending your income on eating out everyday! It doesn’t need to be this way; our chefs have got your back! 

Turn your favourite lunch or dinner ideas into tasty, healthy and nutritious office lunch meals. Some can be done quickly before you leave the house for work whilst others require some prep work. We found the best way to tackle this office lunch struggle – make the dish at home the night before with an extra portion or two, which will serve you as your office lunch. Once you get into this great habit you will have your office lunches for the week sorted in no time. Bon Appetit!  

Falafel with Tahini Sauce

Recipe by Stefan Hogan 

This Middle Eastern Vegetarian favourite can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge or freezer. Add the falafel to pita bread with a dollop of sauce and your lunch is ready! 


Asparagus Salad

Recipe by Stefy Zammit

Perfect for an easy, light and healthy lunch, this salad can be whipped up in no time before heading to the office. Tip: whilst you’re cooking the veggies and roasting the almonds, continue your morning chores. Don’t forget to put a timer so as not to over cook or burn! 


Broad Bean and Artichoke Salad

Recipe by Gennaro Contaldo

Stock up your fridge with some of your deli favourites and you’re guaranteed to whip up a healthy fresh salad in no time! Tip: take your own containers to the deli counter to reduce your plastic waste.

Salmon and Ricotta Pie

Recipe by David Callaby Floridia

A scrumptious heart warming pie for when the temperatures drop or on that rainy day (or for some looking for warmth in their air conditioned working spaces!) Prepare a pie that you can easily portion and freeze. Simply take your portion out of the freezer and heat it up in the microwave when you’re ready to eat. 

Monster Rice Bombs

Recipe by Sass Woods

This fun rice balls can be prepared the night before for your kids! Keep some aside for your office lunch. Add the rice balls to some leafy greens or a salad for an extra oomph!


Lebanese Rice with Lentils

Recipe by Lynn Marie Xerri 

The ingredients are made up of lots of store cupboard staples, which means they are ready in no time and can be frozen ahead for busy week nights! If you are freezing, it’s always best to portion them. 


Vegan Aubergine Tart

Recipe by Stefy Zammit

This delicious vegan Aubergine tart will colour up your day at work and have your colleagues attempting to dig their fork into it! Prep the tart the day before and have this healthy meal ready for lunch the next day. 

Fruity Fresh Barley Salad

Recipe by Daniel Pisani

A healthy salad that is filling and gets you ahead on your 5 a day fruit and veg! Tip: Roast the veg the night before to save time preparing in the morning. In the morning, prepare the barley and voila – your salad is ready to go!  


Quinoa and Broccoli Patties

Recipe by Stefy Zammit

These patties are nutrient packed to give you the boost you need to continue the rest of the afternoon. Prepare a batch of the patties and refrigerate or freeze. Take out your lunch portion and heat up in the microwave when ready to eat. 


Squid Ink Arancini

Recipe by Stefan Hogan

Warning – your colleagues will think you’re a pro chef! These little bundles of joy make a lovely light dinner or as a starter. Prepare a few more portions for the next day, refrigerate and heat up before eating. 


Turkish Gozlome

Recipe by Debbie Schembri

A Maltese twist with a Turkish bread recipe. Gozlome is a type of flat bread that is enhanced with yogurt, making it more flexible when it is cooked and lending it a pleasant tang. To make this delicious lunch readily available you will need to prepare it in advance. Consider freezing portions to have it ready for an indulging office lunch! 

Stuffed Roasted Aubergine 

Recipe by Sam Farrugia

This dish makes a perfect family dinner and a nutritious office lunch so prepare a couple of extra portions and rock up to work with these healthy stuffed Aubergines. 

Broccoli Pistachio Soup

Recipe by Sam Farrugia

As the temperatures start to cool soups will quickly become your comforting warming light office lunch. Cook a large pot of this delicious broccoli and pistachio soup, portion and freeze to have them ready for quick office lunches or light dinners. 

Cheddar and Ale Soup

Recipe by Charlene Bugeja

For more wintery days, or when your colleague won’t turn up the air conditioning, indulge in this Cheddar and Ale soup. Again, this can be prepared in advance, portioned, frozen and heated, as you need. Tip: if freezing, do not add the Cheddar cheese. Only melt this in when ready to eat.