In true festive spirit, we have been busy in the kitchen testing out some healthy alternative recipes for the traditional Easter Figolla; a sweet pastry treat filled with a paste of ground almonds, coated with decorative icing. For a healthier alternative that doesn’t sacrifice on flavour – here’s the Figolli recipe you should be baking this weekend!

What makes this recipe healthier you ask? We have substituted plain flour for wholemeal spelt flour which is higher in fibre content, lower in gluten and therefore easier on the digestive system. The happy coincidence is that its mildly nutty flavour complements this particular recipe perfectly. We have also substituted refined white sugar for Holland and Barrett’s Coconut Nectar – a more nutritious, vegan sugar substitute that tastes just like sugar (unlike maple or honey) and has the lowest GI rating comparatively.

A Healthier Figolli Recipe

Makes 2 Large Figolli

Total prep time 2hrs


For pastry:
500g spelt flour
225g cold butter
2 egg yolks
60ml cold water
100g H&B Coconut Nectar
2tsp vanilla essence
Zest of a lemon
Zest of an orange
Pinch of salt

For filling:
500g H&B Almond Flour
150g H&B Coconut Nectar
2 egg whites

For icing:
4 tbsp icing sugar
Juice of 1 lemon


Add all the pastry ingredients into a food processor and pulse to combine for 10-15 seconds – don’t do this for too long as you’ll over mix the dough.

Bring it out into a mixing bowl and with your hands, bring the dough together to form a ball. It should be soft and slightly sticky to the touch, so if it seems crumbly add a bit more cold water.

Place into a reusable plastic bag and into the fridge.

In the same mixing bowl, add the filling ingredients. Whisk together and then again form a ball with your hands. Place into the fridge with the pastry to chill for an hour.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200 Deg. C on convection. Line a baking sheet with baking paper and prepare the icing sugar by whisking the juice and sugar in a small bowl with a fork until smooth.

Once the dough is ready to be rolled, bring it out and prepare your assembling area with a small bowl with a tbsp of milk which you’ll use to stick the two layers of pastry together (nut milk works too), and a small bowl of flour to dust with. Cut the pastry in 4 equal parts, and the filling in two. Dust your surface before you begin.

Roll out one quarter of the pastry and with your mould, cut the desired shape. This is the base layer. Place it onto the baking paper, and do the same with one half of the filling. Lay the filling on top of the base layer of pastry, pushing the edges in a bit to leave space for the top layer to close onto the bottom layer. With your finger dab some milk all along the edge of the bottom layer of pastry. Take another quarter of the pastry, roll it out and cut with your mould. Lay this on top of the filling layer and push down at the edges to seal. The milk will help glue the two together.

Repeat the above step to make the second figolla.

Dab a thin layer of the milk over the top of both Figolli and place them into the hot oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes just as they start to go golden – they’re ready to come out. Transfer to a rack to cool.

Once cooled you can spoon over the icing glaze, and continue to decorate as you wish.

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