Pixxi San Pietru, A fish recipe prepared by the pros

Serves 4

Prep time 60 mins


For the fish

4 John Dory fillets (approximately 150g each)
½ lemon, juice
Salt and pepper
Curry oil (vegetable 150 ml olive oil infused with 25gr curry powder, strained)

For the courgette puree

2 zucchini, quartered seeds and core removed
Small bunch parsley
30g butter
7 ml sunflower oil
Salt and pepper

For the potatoes

2 large baking potatoes
Chives – snipped
½ lemon, juice
20g sour cream


For the courgette puree

Blanch the parsley in boiling salted water for around 10 seconds (it needs to remain bright green), and refresh in iced water. When cold strain and squeeze out all excess water. In a pan heat the oil and add the courgettes, wilt lightly without colouring, add the butter & transfer to a clean tray to cool. Place the courgettes and parsley in a blender and puree, check seasoning and transfer to a pot to warm through for plating.

For the crushed potatoes

Bake potatoes and whilst still hot cut in half and scoop out the flesh. Season with the sour cream and lemon juice, adjust taste with a pinch of salt. Keep warm – chives will be added just before plating as they will otherwise wilt and discolour.

For the fish

Season the fish with the lemon juice & season with salt, allow to marinate for 10 minutes. Heat a pan with the curry oil pan fry skin side first for 2-3 minutes, once the skin has crisped up flip and continue to cook for a further ½ minutes. Remove from the pan and drain on absorbent paper.

Dress the plate with as pictured and garnish with sautéed yellow courgettes, dehydrated courgette crisps, raw courgette shavings and buttered samphire.

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