Serves 5 (as a snack)

Prep time 30 minutes, Cooking time 1 hour


Peeled king prawns, de-veined 10
Small potatoes, 5 each
Cucumber, 100g
Spring onion, 2 each
Lemon zest grated, 1 tsp
Egg, yolk 1
Olive oil, 1 tbsp
Mustard, ½ tsp
Salt, To taste
Watercress, To garnish


Boil the potatoes in heavily boiling water, this should take around 30 minutes. Once cooked
remove and leave to cool to room temperature.
Gently roast the prans over a medium heat, roughly 2 minutes on each side, giving little
colour. Leave to cool and chop into small cubes. Transfer to bowl.
Chop the cucumber also into small cubes and slice the spring onions into thin strips, greens
and all. Transfer these into the bowl with the prawns.
Cut the potatoes in half and slightly hollow out the inside with a teaspoon. Place the insides
of the potatoes into the mixing bowl with the prawns and such.
Add all the other ingredients to the mixture and mix well.
Stuff the potatoes with this mixture and place them either in the oven at 180 celcius for 20
minutes or on a BBQ grill on a low heat and covered for around 30 minutes.
Garnish with fresh watercress and serve.

Recipe by Keith Abela for Served Magazine Issue 20
Photography by Julia Ripard