by Yaz DeMicoli

Ok here’s the reality; there is no one way to cook steak; and it does come down to personal taste, cut of meat and so on. But as always in this section, this is about the fastest, simplest, tastiest method. I will bounce about and mention other options, but this is how we sizzle at home. We cook our steak between rare and medium, more on the rare side.

We grill our meat. There are many other methods, you can broil, use sous vide …etc which you can get into on the opposite page, and they’re all good.

Step 1:

Choice of grade and cut of meat. We take our meat seriously so we normally go for a lovely marbled cut of rib-eye; this is why corn fed produce is so popular. Marbling makes for a tender and juicier result. The optimal size depends on your preference. We like a well seared closer to rare than medium finish, so we go for around a 6 cm thickness.

Step 2:

Prep is key. Straight forward really. Make sure the meat is at room temperature. There’s a school of thought that believes a cold piece of meat makes for a crustier exterior and better internal cooking control. We beg to differ but leave that choice up to you. Pat down your meat with some kitchen roll so it’s drier than before – this makes for a better sear – then scour in your rub. Always best to ‘marinate’ the rub for at least an hour if it’s more complicated, and we’re not even going to get into all the different marinates for meat. We’re keeping it simple today, so our ‘rub’ is a little olive oil, salt and pepper.


Pan as hot as hell, and we mean it. 3-5 minutes on one side, flip and repeat. Sear the edges and continue grilling until perfect. We go with 4 mins on one side and 4 mins on the other, rest and serve. If you’re awesome and have a thermometer then know that the temperatures are as follows: 49°C–51°C medium rare, 54°C for medium, and 63°C for well done; convert to Fahrenheit if needed. As the meat is in the pan (or on the grill) get a lovely chunk of truffle butter and lay it on, both sides. That’s all you need; salt, pepper, olive oil (ideally truffle infused) and truffle butter. You’re welcome.

*Why do we sear?

To lock in juices*

*Why do we let meat rest after cooking?

This allows time (7-10 mins) for the juices to get redistributed into the interior. Cutting into a steak that is straight off the fire is a cardinal sin.*

Please send us your results and feedback!