Serves 2

Prep time 25 minutes


200g Rummo Casarecce No. 88
6 – 8 carrots
2 chilli (depending on heat)
4 garlic cloves
Handful coriander
1 tbsp tomato puree (Kunserva)
Pepper & Salt
Olive Oil
Vegetable stock or pasta water
1 duck breast


Sear the duck breast on the fatty skin side down until crispy and reduced, then flip over and cook meat to desired temperature. Flip over once more for another minute and remove from pan. Set aside to rest and cover.

Place water on the boil for pasta and add some salt. Cook the casarecce as per instructions on packet. Boil or steam carrots, garlic, chili, a pinch of salt and pepper. Once cooked blend to a pulp and add olive oil, tomato purée and blend again. Add water till you have the right saucy consistency. Mix into pasta after straining and plate. 

Cut duck breast into slices and place on top of pasta.