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Homemade Alpine Hot Chocolate

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Serves 1

Prep time 15 minutes


50g 80% dark chocolate, broken into chunks.

250ml milk – either cow, goat, oat, or nut milks Few threads of saffron.


Square of chocolate for decoration Dried apple for decoration

Note – If using nut milks, make sure they’re fortified.


Bring milk and the saffron to a simmer in a saucepan or camping pot.
Add the chocolate, stirring until melted completely.
Pour into a mug, decorating with chocolate shavings and dried apple.

Kieren Creevy

Kieren Creevy

Kieran Creevy is an expedition, performance and private chef, mountain instructor and adventure travel writer with more than twenty years experience cooking and leading on mountains around the world. He has created 6 course tasting menus with wine pairings from mountain basecamps, cooked pumpkin gnocchi with wild boar ragû for an Alpine bivi dinner and served a birch smoked venison loin with barley, mushroom and goats curd risotto in a Scottish wilderness cabin.

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