makes 12-15 brownies


200 g unsalted butter
100 g good quality dark chocolate
100 g milk Chocolate
1 can Caramel (usually contains about 375 grams)
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 pinch table salt
200 g brown sugar
4 eggs (preferably medium-sized)
130 g all-purpose flour
50 g cocoa powder


Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees C and cover a baking tin with greased baking paper. In a small bowl, mix 175 grams of the caramel with the teaspoon of sea salt. The caramel should loosen up when combined with the salt. Put aside for now. Put the rest of the caramel in a separate, larger bowl. Add in the brown sugar and eggs. Mix well with a whisk until even. Melt both chocolates and combine with the butter. Whisk in this mixture well to the previously prepared larger bowl (the one with the caramel, brown sugar and eggs).

In another bowl, combine the flour, cocoa and a good pinch of table salt. Sift this mixture onto the chocolate mix. Beat briefly until smooth. Pour half of this brownie batter into the prepared baking tin and level it with a spatula. Using a teaspoon, spoon half of the salted caramel on top of the batter layer in five evenly spaced stripes. Spoon out the rest of the brownie batter on top of this. Smooth it out. Try not to disturb the caramel beneath. Top the mix with the rest of the caramel in the same stripy fashion. Drag a skewer or tip of a knife through the caramel to make a feathered pattern on the top. Scatter a little more sea salt on top of the whole thing.

Bake for about 25 minutes. The brownie should form a crunchy crust, and should have a tiny bit of a jiggle to it when shaken (gently of course).

Let the mixture cool completely before removing from tin!