with three restaurants in Malta, and one recently opened on the Balearic Island of Menorca, the Collection is constantly innovating and expanding to elevate their dining experience and offering.

When we discuss the common factor that each restaurant shares, Chris claims, “it’s all about creating a dining experience… they all have different cuisines, but we keep ‘fine-dining’ in mind, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere through the sharing concept. This creates a familiar sort of vibe and allows us to create our own tasting menu with starter-size portions so you can explore many different dishes.”

The group have three restaurants in Malta; Hammett’s Gastro Bar, Hammett’s Mestizo and Hammett’s Monastik. The main difference between each being the cuisine which in turn influences the dining experience.

While the restaurants share the similarity in their sharing concept, each is unique in the story they tell, from the menu, to the decor. “Every restaurant has its own character design-wise. We even go into the curation of the music and

the lighting. The flavours of the food obviously change, as well as the spirits – the alcohol in the drinks change accordingly to the cuisine as well. So if you go to Hammett’s Mestizo you will have Latin-American drinks, at Hammett’s Monastik you will get local and organic drinks. All this effort is made to enhance the dining experience.” – Chris.

Hammett’s Gastro Bar offers an urban dining experience and bar concept with a very
social atmosphere. The menu is composed of
a colourful array of food, and offers a wildly innovative plates-to-share concept with culinary influences, ingredients and imaginative cooking techniques from all over Asia. Each restaurant is a journey for the senses, highlighting the flavour, culture and diversity of each country or region. “Asia as a continent and source of inspiration is big, so it gives us a lot of freedom” and that is represented through the menu and entire dining experience at Hammett’s Gastro Bar.

Hammett’s Mestizo is a vibrant Meso-South American-inspired fusion social dining
and drinking experience, with culinary influences expanding from Central America to the Caribbean, the Andes to the Amazon and Patagonia. This spans a large area and covers

an abundance of cuisines and flavours. “Latin American food has really come forward in a short period, with the restaurant ‘Central’ in Lima named the best in the world. We offer a unique experience, being the first Latin-American restaurant to open in Malta.”

Hammett’s Monastik was the most recent to open its doors with unbeatable views of Valletta from across the harbour. The menu is a selection of organic, local and Central European cuisine with a farm-to-table, nose-to-tail concept. “Monastik tells the story of our roots with a focus on sustainability, which we think is the future
for all restaurants. We use traditional, central European ways to conserve food to truly get the best of the product and use it at the best time. Making sure we are sustainable by making everything ourselves when we can.”

“One of the biggest challenges of working with local produce is also to find people who work with sustainable practices, and this is a crucial element for us.” – Chris Hammett, Culinary Director

Amongst such increasing competition, Hammett’s stands out with their eye for detail,

and high standards across all restaurants, as well as their efforts to become more transparent in the sourcing of the produce, particularly with Hammett’s Monastik, where they work with local producers and farmers to encourage organic growing methods.

“The most important thing is to remain relevant. It comes by remaining curious, making sure you remain creative, sharing with other people and listening. Also, it is really important to dine out, see what other people are doing around the world, inspire yourself try new things and make space for your team and people around you.”

They seem to have struck the winning formula, with more exciting ventures on the horizon that Chris claims “will surprise the public.” Although it’s too early to share specific details, it seems we can expect more delicious food and authentic flavour from around the world.


Hammett’s Collection is known for its edgy and adventurous approach when it comes to its food proposal and a lot of this comes from chef Jorge Lugo.

Now Jorge it’s taking care of the last addition abroad, Hammett’s Mestizo Menorca, bringing the familiar taste of Hammett’s Mestizo Malta but with the sustainable approach from Hammett’s Monastik. Taking once again a step further in innovation for Hammett’s Collection. The proposal of Hammett’s Mestizo Menorca has its roots in the diversity of Latin-American culture. The menu features local ingredients

in preparations that celebrate and bring to
life diverse cuisines and beverages from the Caribbean and central Mexico, all the way to Patagonia. 


Hammett’s Gastro Bar offers a distinctive urban dining-bar experience, presenting a vibrant menu featuring an array of colourful dishes inspired by Asian culinary traditions. The menu boasts an innovative plates-to-share concept, incorporating influences, ingredients, and creative cooking techniques from across Asia. Complementing the food offerings, the bar provides an extensive selection of craft beers, foreign and vintage wines, unique spirits, and
a gourmet cocktail list crafted with fresh fruit, homemade syrups, and infusions, all inspired by Asian flavours.

Hammett’s Gastro Bar is all about the experience. By creating a shared meal format, the new Nepalese Head Chef, Devendra Mahato wants people to lend themselves to closeness and camaraderie. The idea is that one doesn’t just eat for sustenance but also to grow, as an experience, to celebrate and to reconnect with family and friends.

Devendra Mahato was born in Nepal. His experience in the kitchen started in Nepal
but he developed all his techniques and vast knowledge in Dubai. Mahato has been working with our company for over 5 years. He first started out as chef tournant at The Sheer Bastion, and is now based at Hammett’s Gastro Bar.

His Asian heritage and experience have been a key component in the creation of our last 2 new menus.


At Hammett’s Monastik, the culinary ethos is deeply rooted in tradition and sustainability. The restaurant embraces ancient techniques from European monasteries, preserving the bounty of warmer seasons through pickling and fermenting for the colder months. This dedication to local, organic produce fosters a symbiotic relationship with committed farmers, ensuring only the finest ingredients make it to the table. In a nod to ancestral wisdom, the restaurant champions nose-to-tail eating, celebrating every part of the animal, from organs to skin. By utilising often overlooked cuts and employing a meticulous dry-aging process, Hammett’s Monastik not only minimises waste but also enhances flavours, creating a gastronomic experience that honours both heritage and innovation.

“This is a celebration of cuts of meat, innards, and extremities that are more often forgotten
or discarded in today’s kitchen; it would seem disingenuous to the animal not to make the most of the whole beast: there is a set of delights, textural and flavoursome, which lie beyond the fillet.”– Fergus Henderson

Sebastian Velasquez was born in Colombia but his experience extends beyond latin American food. He embraces the challenges at the restaurant, which has led him and his team
to evaluate and redesign methods to obtain different results from the same ingredient. To him it’s a creative adventure.


Mestizo is a term historically used in Spain and Hispanic America, that originally referred to a person of combined European and Indigenous American descent, regardless of where the person was born.

Hammett’s Mestizo beckons food enthusiasts to embark on a vibrant culinary journey
across Meso-South America. Chef Raul Moreno masterfully crafts a menu celebrating the authentic flavours of Hispanic American cuisine, transformed into a sophisticated yet approachable shared dining experience. The restaurant not only offers an exquisite selection of South American wines but also boasts a bar showcasing premium Latin American spirits and creative cocktails. Moreover, the establishment takes pride in sourcing single-origin specialty coffees and chocolates from small farms, complemented by a discerning cigar selection for the adventurous connoisseurs. Beyond the delightful fare, the decor, setting and service

at Hammett’s Mestizo is one that creates an atmosphere of laid-back familiarity, with Latin American style – where dining centres around celebration, and connecting with loved ones.

Raul Moreno has been with Hammett’s for about five years; starting at Hammett’s Gastro Bar, where he worked his way to head chef, before coming to Hammett’s Mestizo.

Raul was born in Venezuela and he brings all the traditional recipes from his country to the flavours of Mestizo. Cooking is Raul’s passion, and this does not only extend to work hours. During his spare time, he likes to have friends over and prepare food for them to eat together.