Serves 4

Prep time 25 mins


Fresh tumbrell
100g peeled broad beans
Zest of half a lemon
Juice of half a lemon
Half a lemon
½ medium sized garlic or 1 small clove
5 sprigs thyme
40g guanciale (pork cheek)
Pinch red chilli flakes


In a bowl place the broad beans, garlic (crushed or grated), lemon zest, lemon juice, chilli and a little bit of olive oil and mix well. Remove the thyme leaves from the stem and add into the bean mixture, adding some fresh grated pepper, giving it a final mix and setting it aside.

Slice the guanciale into 3mm pieces, bring a pan to a high heat and place the guanciale on it to start rendering the fat and cooking it. Once it starts to crisp, lower the heat in order not to burn the guanciale and turn it from time to time. As soon as it reaches a crispy golden colour, remove it from the pan and set aside, keeping the rendered fat to add into the broad bean mix.

Heat up a pan with some olive oil and place half the lemon moving it around the pan to flavour the pan. Season the fish with plenty of salt and pepper on both sides and cook skin side down for 3/4 mins on a high heat. Turn the fish and squeeze the lemon juice (from the lemon that was in the pan) onto the fish. Cook for another 2 mins, then let it rest for 1 min. Whilst cooking the fish, heat the oven to 190C and put in the guanciale to regain heat and crispiness for approx. 30sec to 1min.
To plate, start with a spoonful of broad bean mixture topped with the slice of guanciale and the fish on top.