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Hammett’s Macina

24-time award winning Chef and restaurateur Chris Hammett together with Head Chef Jorge Lugo launch an exciting new menu at Hammett’s Maċina Restaurant in Senglea.

The Mediterranean restaurant – deeply rooted in Maltese history from its location, to the experience and its culinary offering – is transforming the way fine dining is done. It’s location, set in the Grand Harbour overlooking Vittoriosa and Cospicua, draws nuances from a medieval past to a contemporary present, further accentuated by the new creative menu.

Jorge Lugo, with a personality as colourful as his food, joined Hammett’s Collection after working with Chris Hammett at The Villa, 7 years ago. Following a roaring success as Head Chef of Hammett’s Gastro Bar in Sliema, Chef Lugo was ready to expand and take on a new challenge. As soon as the Venezuelan Head Chef set foot in Hammett’s trendy Maċina kitchen, a new menu was conceived.

The new menu stays true to Chef Jorge; a composition of varied colourful food with a sole goal: the enjoyment of food. The shared meal format allows people to lend themselves to closeness and camaraderie, as desired by the team at Hammett’s Collection. The idea is that one doesn’t only eat for sustenance but also to grow, as an experience, to celebrate and to reconnect with family and friends.

The gastronomical concept stays the same. Drawing on Maltese History, it is a take on the islands’ succession of powers with a modern representation of traditional Mediterranean culinary influences from the Phoenician times, to the Knights of St. John until today.


“Unimaginable history seeps from the Maċina’s ancient walls. Built almost half a millennium ago by the Knights of Saint John, the Maċina has been a landmark for centuries. It was just an obvious decision to me to mirror that history in our food by inspiring ourselves from the rich culture and past of our precious island. The Maltese culinary has so many influences from the Middle East, Spain, North Africa, Greece, Italy… and we wanted our menu to reflect this and tell our island history to the locals and visitors. Sourcing local and inspired by local.” – Chris Hammett.

A new wine list accompanies this historical menu. Reflecting the concept, it showcases wines exclusively from Mediterranean coastal regions. In addition, a cocktail menu was concocted – the items draw on inspiration from Maltese landmarks; from the Gozitan Salt Pans dating back to the Phoenicians and Roman times, to the traditional Maltese Regatta races and even Strada Stretta – the pinnacle of nightlife amongst American and British military men between the 19th and mid-20th century.


Hammett’s Maċina Restaurant is open everyday for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner.