Merguez sausage, Lambchetta, braised pearl barley, broad bean puree, peas, pomme dauphine, lamb jus.

Serves 4

Prep time 90 minutes

Ingredients For the Saddle

1 x 1.2kg saddle of lamb (bone out and skin removed)

100g chicken breast (minced)

1 egg white
90g fresh cream

70g Chevre (soft goat’s chees)



2 sheets Nori

2 pieces crepinette

Ingredients For the Lambchette

300g lamb bellies




Ingredients For the Sausage

200g lamb mince

2g chilli powder

8g cumin

5g ginger powder

2g smoked paprika

2g sumac

1 garlic clove crushed

1g fennel powder

Ingredients For the peas

120g peas (peeled)

10g butter unsalted

1/3 preserved lemon

Chives chopped

Parsley chopped

Ingredients For the Pomme Dauphine

500g cooked potato

100g butter

150g flour

4 eggs

Pinch of nutmeg, grated


Frying oil

Ingredients For the King Oyster Mushroom

100g mushrooms 

Frying oil

20g butter



Ingredients For the Broad Bean Puree

300g broad bean

½ lemon juice





Grated Nutmeg

Chives, snipped

Method For Saddle

Remove all the excess fat from the meat of the lamb (you can tell your butcher to do so if required) and keep refrigerated until the mousse is ready.

For the mousse start off by blending the chicken mince and the egg whites, until it forms a smooth paste, add the Chevre gradually until it is incorporated in the mix. Add some salt and herbs (chives and thyme).

Finally while the blender is still mixing gradually add the fresh cream in a steady stream.

Chef’s tip: Make sure that the cream is not over worked and it doesn’t split, this goes the same when doing a fish or any other mousse.

Put in a piping bag and keep in refrigerator. Make a little incision of the lamb in a ‘V’ form, place a piece of nori and fill with the mouse.

Wrap it around the crepinette and steam for 10 minutes at 100°C. Seal in a hot pan, add butter thyme, garlic and salt, finish in the oven for 3 minutes at 180°C.

Method For Lambchetta

Roll out a triple piece of cling film approx. 40cm x 40cm on your working top. Place the cleaned lamb bellies next to each other and cover them again with cling film. Flatten the meat with a meat presser until even, and try to overlap the meat while doing so.

Spread the bellies with chopped rosemary some cooked onion and salt.

Shape it into a sausage in the cling film previously used underneath it. Cook for 5 hours at 90°C.

After cooked, reshape it in another cling film, the same as previously used to cover the working top, and keep refrigerated.

Method For the Sausage

Mince all the ingredients together and shape into a tube, in cling film or sausage casing of 1cm in diameter. We use cling film as we still remove the sausage casing.

Steam at 100 degrees for 8 minutes.

Method For the Peas

Heat the butter in a frying pan. Add the lemon and peas and cook until caramelized. Add the herbs to finish off.

Method For the Pomme Dauphine

Melt butter in a medium sized pot, add the flour, combine it and gradually add the milk until it forms a paste. With the beater slowly add the eggs to the mix.
Boil the potatoes and mash. Mix the mash and ‘choux pastry’ together until it combines into smooth dough.

Prepare quenelles or balls and keep them refrigerated until needed.

Method For the King Oyster Mushroom

Heat the oil and butter, add the mushrooms and season with thyme and salt. Cook until golden.

Method For the Broad bean puree

Place the beans in a steamer sprinkled with salt, or else in lightly salted water, and cook for 4-6 minutes or until tender.

Then drain them well and transfer them to the goblet of a liquidiser or food processor together with the butter, cream, some freshly grated nutmeg and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Whizz them to a purée, taste to check the seasoning, then serve with a few snipped chives sprinkled over.

Heat all items and Plate as desired.