Serves 4

Prep time 45 minutes


1kg loin of lamb
100g cooking oil
50g butter
200g orange carrots
100g coloured baby carrots
100g chanterelles
100g shitake mushrooms
100g reduced beef stock


Pan-sear the lamb loin in some cooking oil and finish in the oven until desired cooking grading is reached, 175degrees for 12 minutes. Cook the orange carrots in boiling water and 25g butter until mushy, and blend to form a smooth puree. Season to taste.

Peel and cut the baby carrots into assorted sizes, blanch but keep the crunch and set aside in a warm place.

Heat a pan and stir fry the chanterelles and shitake mushrooms adding a knob of butter and cooking until slightly golden brown. Season to taste. In a large main course plate, first place the meat, then garnish the plate with the puree, baby carrots and mushrooms, finishing off with the reduced beef stock.