Serves 5

Prep time 120 minutes


1 pork fillet (approx. 1.2kg)
100g blanched spinach
20ml egg white
20ml fresh cream
100g smoked cheese
500g sweet potato
500g thinly sliced pancetta
20g roasted and crushed coriander seeds
100g salted butter
10g fresh thyme
1 clove garlic
500ml pork jus


Place the fillet of pork on the chopping board and open it flat, and hammer it. In a food processor blend the spinach (drained), egg whites, cream and season. Place the fillet of pork on cling wrap, assemble the sliced pancetta on it, place the flattened filet on it and add the spinach mix. Cut the smoked cheese in thick slices and place on top of the mousseline. Using the edge of the cling wrap role it without leaving any air. Place in the fridge and refrigerate overnight.

The next morning place the sweet potato on a roasting pan and place in the oven for an hour. Remove the roulade from the cling wrap and place in a dish. Roast for 1.2 hours on medium heat (160°C).

Take the sweet potato from the oven and peel while hot. Add the butter, thyme, seasoning and crush using a fork.

Take the roulade out of the oven and leave to rest on a cooling rack, prepare a separate tray with the crushed coriander and roll it in. Place the pork jus with fresh thyme in it and heat gently. Leave to infuse and set aside.
To serve add the crushed sweet potato in the middle of the plate, slice 2cm thick pork roulade slices and finally glaze with the thyme infused jus.