Serves 4

Prep time 180 minutes

TIP: For extra decadence add sliced fresh truffle. To garnish: sautéed wild mushrooms, grated Parmesan and sliced raw mushrooms.

Ingredients For Gnocchi

200g potato puree (use large potatoes skin on)
60g fine semolina
20g egg
40g grated Parmesan
Pinch of salt
5g dried mushroom powder

Ingredients For Mushroom Puree

500g mushrooms
100g shallots
Pinch salt
2g white pepper
3 garlic cloves, grated
Fresh thyme
100ml port (reduced)
40ml Merlot vinegar
40g brown sugar
2g ground nutmeg
1g ground allspice
Vegetable oil

Ingredients For Emulsion

200ml milk
100ml cream
30ml truffle oil
150g butter


Finely slice the mushrooms and in a non-stick pan sauté with the shallots and garlic. Season and add the spices, port, vinegar and sugar. Reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes or until all liquid has evaporated. Blend to a fine puree, pass through a sieve and transfer to a piping bag.

For the gnocchi prick the potatoes with a fork, bake in a medium hot oven (155°C) on a bed of rock salt. Once cooked, remove skin and whilst still warm pass through a sieve, transfer to a bowl and add the other ingredients. Work slightly to form pliable dough. Roll out onto a floured surface and cut into bite size gnocchi. Place onto a floured tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Warm the milk and cream, season and transfer to a blender. Add the truffle oil and on low speed gradually add the cold butter. Adjust seasoning to taste. Transfer to a sauce-pot and keep warm.

Steam the gnocchi for 10 minutes in a dish wrapped in cling film and then transfer to a pot of boiling salted water for a few minutes to lighten the texture.
Dress the gnocchi with truffle oil and season to taste. Optional, garnish with sautéed wild mushrooms, grated Parmesan and sliced raw mushrooms. Plate as picture.