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Category: 5 Ingredients or Less

12 Days of (Christmas) Cocktails

1. Sakura Ingredients: 40 ml Botanist Gin 20 ml Sake 10 ml 1883 Orchid Top up with Tonic water Method: Pour all ingredients except the tonic water into a wine glass over ice. Stir well and top up with tonic water. Garnish with lemon peel. Purchase Botanist Gin Here 2. Side Walk Ingredients: 45 ml &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Julia Ripard

Flourless Orange and Almond Drizzle Cake

Serves 12 Prep time 1hr 15 mins Ingredients 2 large oranges 3 eggs 3/4 cup caster sugar 3 cups ground almond 1 tsp baking powder For the Glaze 2 tbsp icing 1 blood orange, juiced Method Put the oranges in a pot of cold water and bring to the boil. After 10 minutes of boiling, &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Julia Ripard

Spicy Mexican Michelada

Serves 2 Prep time 5 mins Ingredients Ice Tajin (or mild chili powder mixed with salt) 400ml Clamato juice (or tomato juice) 1 half pint of Cisk lager 2 limes 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp soy sauce 2 tsp Mexican hot sauce Method Place some tajin onto a saucer. Cut one of the limes &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Julia Ripard

Classic Bloody Mary

Serves 2 Prep time 5 mins Ingredients 1 shot vodka, each 200ml of tomato juice, each A cups worth of ice, each Juice of 1/2 lemon, in each A few drops of tobacco sauce, in each 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, in each 1 tsp celery salt 2 celery sticks, tops Pinch of black pepper Method &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Julia Ripard

Wood fired slow-cooked lamb

Serves 10 Prep time Prep time 7-8hours Ingredients 10 kg milk-fed lamb 4 large onions Half a bottle of decent quality red wine 6 &#8211; 8 garlic cloves Olive oil Rock salt Fresh pepper A large bunch of rosemary sprigs Method Heat wood-fired oven for 3-4hours until it reaches a peak of 250C allowing it &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Jean Paul Demajo

Loving your Leftovers

A raid is on Your forgotten frozen veg, bacon at the back of the fridge, pulses, beans and spices are an Aladdin’s cave of ingredients all ready to liven up your week day supper or a simple plate of pasta. Home cook Steph Mercieca Bason shows how with just a little creativity and know-how you &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Monster Rice Bombs

Monster Rice Bombs recipe by Sass Woods &#038; Krysta Soler. With school about to start, Served turned to these two busy mothers to come up with a few kid friendly snacks that can either be eaten at home or easily packed to be eaten at school for lunch. All snacks are healthy and nutritious, contain &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Sass Woods

BBQ rum & caramel bananas…

&#8230;served with Pina Colada Ice Cream Serves 6 Prep time 30 mins Ingredients 50g Butter softened 40g light brown muscovado sugar 1-2 tsp. treacle or honey 1-2 tbsp. spiced rum 6 unpeeled bananas For the Pina Colada Ice Cream 1 can coconut milk 1 can coconut cream ⅓ – ½ cup granulated sugar (more to &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Charlene Bugeja

Miso marinated Cod

Serves 2 Prep time 15 mins + marinade time Ingredients 1/8 cup sake 1/8 cup mirin 2 tbsp. white miso paste 1 tbsp. sugar 2 cod fillets, 200g each Method Two to three days beforehand, make the miso marinade and cover the fish with it placing in a non-reactive dish or bowl and cover tightly &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Eunice Muscat

Black rice and poached egg

Serves 1 Prep time 60 mins Ingredients 100g ½ cup organic black rice 250ml 1 ½ cups water 1 tbsp olive oil ½ onion 1 clove garlic 1 egg splash cider or white wine vinegar (optional) Method Wash the rice thoroughly changing the water a few times. This helps wash some of the starches out &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Eunice Muscat

Wham bam time for jam

With a glut of local pomegranates and prickly pears at this time of the year, carry the tastes of late summer fruits into autumn and try your hand at some home-made jams and jellies. Perfect to spoon over hot buttered toast, yoghurt, overnight oats, cereals, pancakes and crepes for a quick and delicious breakfast. Cooking &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Dark Chocolate Orange Quinoa Porridge

Serves 2 Prep time 35 mins Ingredients 85g white quinoa, uncooked 240ml almond milk or milk of your choice Zest of 2 oranges 2 tbsp. cocoa powder 2 tbsp. maple syrup Method Rinse quinoa in a fine mesh strainer. Heat a small saucepan over medium heat. Once hot, add the quinoa and toast for 3 &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Stefania Calleja

Octopus Millefoglie

Serves 4 Prep time 60 mins Ingredients 1 Octopus (you can also buy it precooked) 4 large potatoes, peeled Sweet or hot red paprika, depending on your taste Olive oil Salt 4 slices of French toast Method Heat a large pot on medium high heat, without any water. After a little while, add some water &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Michael Sultana

Make your own Labneh cream cheese

This soft, cream cheese is made from strained yogurt, and very present and popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s wonderful in dips, salads and sandwiches. 6 – 8 balls Prep time 5 mins + 36 hours to strain Ingredients 500g full fat greek yoghurt ½ tsp. coarse sea salt Method Line a bowl with a &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Ljuana Xuereb

Honey and garlic roasted salmon

Serves 8 Prep time Prep 30 mins Ingredients 2 kg fresh wild salmon 8-10 garlic cloves 3 tbsp. honey 150 g salted butter 2 tbsp. Demerara sugar Method Heat wood-fired oven for 3-4hours until it reaches a peak of 250degC allowing it to drop to approximately 180degC. Test temperatures with infra-red thermometer. Ask your fishmonger &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Jean Paul Demajo

Chocolate Truffles

*Print: Il-Villa ta&#8217;Birkirkara by Te fit-Tazza Makes 12 truffles Prep time 10 mins plus 60 mins chilling Ingredients 4 packets Oreo biscuits; 1 tub of Philadelphia cream cheese; Few drops of vanilla essence; 1 bar Novi chocolate fondant 1 bar white chocolate Method Mix the biscuits, cream cheese and vanilla in a food blender. Roll &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Christina Farrugia

Chocolate fondant

*Print: Ir-Rotunda by Te fit-Tazza *Chairs: Miniture Panton by Vitra, available at DEX Workspaces Makes 12 Prep time 60 mins plus 60 mins chilling Ingredients 50gr melted butter Cocoa powder (healthy version or any organic brand), for dusting 200gr Novi dark chocolate 200gr butter 200gr golden caster sugar 4 eggs and 4 yolks 200gr plain &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Christina Farrugia

Sweet Raspberry Ice Cream

Serves 4 Ingredients 1 cup frozen raspberries 4 bananas, sliced and frozen ½ cup maple syrup 2 tbsps. desiccated coconut Method Slice and freeze the bananas overnight, lay them flat so that they won’t stick together when frozen as this makes it harder on your machine when you come to blend. Simply add everything to &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Sass Woods

Baked peaches

Serves 4 Prep time 30 mins Ingredients 4 peaches 40 g butter 4 tbsp. demerara sugar Maple syrup Greek yogurt (or whipped cream) Method: Butter peaches generously and sprinkle with sugar, place in oven face up at 160 for 30 mins or cook face down in a frying pan until peaches soften and sugar starts &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Hauke Eggert

Baked Egg in Avocado

Serves 6 Prep Time: 5 minutes Ingredients 3 large avocados 6 eggs 4 strips of bacon, diced and cooked till crispy ¼ cup fresh chives Hot sauce to drizzle Method Preheat oven to 200 C. Oil a baking tray. Cut avocados in half. Scoop out 1-2 tbsp. of the avocado to create a well for the &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Charlene Bugeja

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