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Category: Issue #15

Spiced Pumpkin Soup with Preserved Lemons

Serves 6 Prep time 40 minutes Ingredients Butternut squash or pumpkin, 1 kg, peeled and chopped Kunserva, 1tbsp Red or white onion, medium, sliced Garlic cloves, 3, crushed Mild fresh chilli, seeds removed, 1 or to taste, chopped Zaatar, 2 tsps. Vegetable stock, 600mls Coconut milk, 400mls Olive oil, 1 tbsp. Salt to taste To &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Plated rabbit and maltese sausage stuffed marrow recipe ready to eat

Rabbit and Maltese Sausage Stuffed Marrows with a Pickled Fennel Salad

Serves 4 Prep 1.5 hours Ingredients For the pickle: Bulb of fennel, 1, finely sliced Mustard seeds, 20g Coriander seeds, 20g Fennel seeds, 20g Apple cider vinegar, 100ml Sugar, 1 tbsp For the marrows: Rabbit mince, 250g Maltese sausage, 2 links, casings removed Eggs yolks, 8 Eggs, 2 Medium round marrows, 8, hollowed out Cloves &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Good Old-Fashioned Roast Pork and Crackling

Serves 6-8 Prep time 2 hours 30 minutes Ingredients Pork shoulder, 2-2.5kg half, boned and rolled White onions, 3, halved Garlic, head, halved Rosemary, 1 sprig Olive oil, as needed Sea salt, as needed Method Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C. Using a very sharp knife, or a clean Stanley knife, score the skin &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Carob Glazed Duck Breast with Baked Roots and Peaches

Serves 2 Prep time 1 hour Ingredients Duck breasts, 2, skin on Carob syrup, 2tbsp Star anise, 2 pods Peaches, 2, thinly sliced in rounds, juices reserved Purple potatoes, 2, thinly sliced in rounds New potatoes, 2, thinly sliced in rounds Red potatoes, 2, thinly sliced in rounds Beetroot, 1, thinly sliced in rounds Red &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Tongue in Cheek: Braised Pork Cheek and Tongue with Puy Lentils

Serves 4 Prep time 3 hours Ingredients Carrots, 3 diced Onion, 1, diced Cheeks, 8 Tongues, 2 Garlic, 2 cloves, crushed Thyme, 1 sprig Red wine vinegar, 100mls Red wine, 200mls Flour, 20g Water 2 ltr. Bay leaf, 1 Puy lentils, 200g Sherry vinegar, 30mls Butter, as needed Salt and pepper, as needed Olive oil, &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter

Serves 4 Prep time 1.5 hours Floury potatoes, 800g Italian ‘00’ flour, 200g Egg, 1 medium 60g Parmesan cheese, freshly grated Salt and pepper, to taste Fresh sage leaves, 2tbsp chopped Butter, 4-6 tbsp. Method:  Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Pierce the potatoes a few times with a knife, place in the oven &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Burnt Garlic Risotto with Local Snails and Salsa Verde – Vini e Capricci by Abraham’s

Serves 4 Prep time 3 hours Ingredients &nbsp; Snails 3kg snails 1 onion, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 cup white wine 2 slices of guanciale, chopped Salsa verde Extra virgin olive oil Salt and freshly-ground pepper Burnt garlic 1 garlic clove Salt and pepper, to taste 100ml extra-virgin olive oil Salsa Verde &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Sticky Toffee Pudding with Carob Toffee Sauce

Serves 4 Prep time 2 hours Ingredients for the sponge Dates, 175g, chopped Bicarbonate of soda, 1 rounded tsp Salted butter, 50g Demerara sugar, 75g Muscovado sugar, 75g Free-range eggs, 2 Self-raising flour, 175g Vanilla extract, 1 tsp Butter, for greasing Pinch of salt For the carob toffee sauce Double cream, 250ml Butter, 100g Molasses &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Matty Cremona’s Orange Cake served with Orange and Chili Jam

Serves 6 Prep time 55 minutes Ingredients Orange Cake Stale breadcrumbs, 50g Caster sugar, 200g Ground almonds, 100g Baking powder, 1 ½ tsp Sunflower oil, 200mls Eggs, 4 Oranges, 3, zest Lemon, half, zest Ingredients Syrup Juice of the oranges and lemon above Sugar, 75g Cloves, 2 Cinnamon stick, 1 Greek yoghurt to serve Method &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Imbuljuta Mousse

For those of you unfamiliar with the original, Imbuljuta is a traditional Maltese Christmas drink flavoured with chocolate, chestnuts, citrus and a medley of spices. This dessert interpretation consists of a creamy chocolate and chestnut mousse infused with flavours reminiscent of Imbuljuta sitting on rich carob-based biscuit crumb. Prep time 2 hours makes 6 Ingredients &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Stephen La Rosa

Chocolate Nut Tart with Thyme Infused Carob and Yogurt Ice Cream

Serves: 6 to 8 prep time 4 hours 50 mins Ingredients for the cup Almonds, 1 cup, supplied by Good Earth Shredded coconut, 1 cup, supplied by Good Earth Pitted dates, 10, supplied by Good Earth Melted coconut oil, ½ tbsp Carob powder, 1 tbsp, supplied by Good Earth Dark chocolate, 250g , supplied by &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Wild Camping in Kazbegi Caucasus – A Georgian Feast

Kieran Creevey and Lisa Paarvio become immersed in the icy landscape of Georgia but are sustained by the warmth of the people who inspire them to cook dishes that speak of an immoveable resilience and timeless comfort. The Lada Niva’s engine whines in protest as the rev counter approaches the redline. Tyres squirm for grip &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Citrus and Gin Cured Salmon with Potato Rosti and Poached Egg

Prep time 1 hour + 48 hours for the curing Serves 4 Cured Salmon Centre-cut salmon fillet, 300g, skin on, bones removed Caster sugar, 70-90g Coarse sea salt, 70-90g Gin, 2 tbsp Freshly ground pepper, 2 tsp. Chopped fresh dill, 1 small bunch Lemon, zest of whole, juice of half Orange, zest of whole, juice &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Panettone Pain Perdu with Carob and Maltese Apple Jam

Prep time 30 minutes Serves 4 A treat of a breakfast or dessert! If you thought French toast couldn’t get any tastier, it can. We replace regular brioche with Panettone, which you will inevitably have mountains of. Paired with a jam made from delicious Maltese ta’ Beludja apples, sweetened with Carob this one will have &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Alison Azzopardi

Balbuljata Taco

Serves 4 Prep time 1 hour Ingredients Red cabbage leaves, 4 Eggs, 4 Medium sized tomatoes, 4, finely chopped Medium sweet potato, 1, finely chopped Medium sized onion, 1, finely chopped Beech mushrooms, or any other small mushrooms, whole, 1 cup Mixed pickled vegetables, ½ cup Aubergine, 1, large Garlic, 2 cloves Spring onions, 2 &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Loving Leftovers! Vegetarian Badass Boxing Day Burger

Serves 2 Prep time 20 minutes Ingredients Leftover brussels sprouts, 4 spoonful’s Leftover roast potatoes, 4 spoonful’s Leftover roast carrots, 4 spoonful’s Leftover roast onions, 4 spoonful’s Lime, 1 Red chili, according to taste Cranberry sauce, 2 spoonful’s Halloumi cheese, 6 slices Tomato, 1, sliced and seasoned Burger buns, 2, halved Salt, as needed Olive &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Debbie Schembri

DIY Hamper Gift Ideas!

UpperFood Malta An Italian food market concept where we celebrate good food and wine as a part of our life. Our products come from all over Italy, with a focus on the smaller villages where the traditional ways of creating top quality food and wine are still respected. Our shop is packed full of quality &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Too Pretty to Eat?

The guys at Upper foods, an Italian food market concept store, walk us through curating the perfect charcuterie and cheese platter. With Christmas around the corner and a festive sense in the air it is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourselves with some delectable treats. Beautiful products are befitting of serving pieces that will enhance &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


Gooey Froga Tat-Tarja Sandwich

Serves 4 Prep time 1 hour 15 minutes Ingredients Tarja, 200g Eggs, 4 Parsley, handful, roughly chopped Parmesan cheese, grated 100g Benna peppered ġbejna, 2, grated Benna fresh ġbejna, 2 Benna mozzarella, 1 ball, grated Fresh thyme, 8 sprigs, picked Freshly ground black pepper Salt, as needed Olive oil, as needed Method Cook the tarja &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Debbie Schembri

Have Yourself a Green Christmas

Jean Paul and Christina, founders of ReRoot, a zero-waste shop, inspire us to get crafty with natural materials to create beautiful and sustainable Christmas decorations. Then again, your time is short and patience probably running thin. You barely have time to keep up with life this year let alone spend hours decorating the house. It’s &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>


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